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Ordinance 2015-974:  Effective January 1, 2016 Direct Point Chaining of Dogs or the tethering of dogs to a stationary object is prohibited per Ordinance 2015-974 adopted on August 13, 2015 regarding amendment to Title 3 Chapter 2, Dogs and Cats.  For specific details on allowable restraint options as stated in the Ordinance please click here or contact Animal Control at 684-6552.  In addition a complete copy of the Ordinance is available at City Hall. 

The Animal Control Section consists of certified animal control officers. They are responsible for responding to all incoming calls of lost, stray, vicious, and injured animals. While most of the calls are for domestic animals, there are calls from time to time for animals running of a more exotic nature. There have even been a few calls for cows, horses, pigs, and turkeys. The animal control officers patrol the city enforcing City ordinances and State laws related to animal control.  The animal control officers also participate in the community by providing  animal safety talks to children throughout the city.

Our primary goal is the prevention and eradication of rabies by education of the public
concerning local and state laws, promoting animal owner responsibility, and by protecting the public from stray or dangerous animals. 

Our secondary goal is to provide service to the public and animals through impound of stray animals and other animal related calls, issuing warnings or citations as necessary, investigation and prosecution of animal cruelty and abuse cases, continued advanced education and training for Animal Care and Control officers, and to strive toward the ultimate goal of elimination of the  need to euthanize healthy, surplus and unwanted animals.

Pet Adoption Information

City Tag and Rabies Vaccine - Spay/Neuter
(addition cost of Spay/Neuter are responsibility of pet owner)

Adoption Application

716 Industrial Pkwy 
 Shelbyville, TN 37160
Phone: 684-6552  Fax: 680-0067


Here's How You Can Help

Keep your pet confined on your property by fence, rope, chain, kennel or on a leash. Have your dogs and cats vaccinated at a licensed veterinarian. This will prevent your pet from becoming infected with any deadly and contagious disease.

Spay or neuter your pets.
Prevention is the key to reducing the number of unwanted pets.

Provide your animal with adequate food, water and shelter.
Shelter is defined as at least three sides, a roof, and a floor raised off the ground at least 2 inches.

Confine female pets when in heat.

Clean up after your pet.  Pet feces is responsible for spreading and infecting other neighboring animals.

Put identification and rabies tags on your pets. This will help identify your pet in case of injury or loss.

Educate your children to stay away from all stray animals and to notify their parent, teacher or adult when one is around.

Report all stray animals to your local Animal Control Unit