City of Shelbyville Parks & Recreation
Parks Department



V. Griffin Park
Community Park - 84 acres - Located on Tulip Tree Drive


Never Rest Park
Neighborhood Park - 10.5 acres - Located on Highway 64 West

River Bottom Fields
Greenway - 5.0 acres


Greenway System 

A comprehensive master greenway plan completed by the Greenway Committee.
The project is made up of five phases, which will eventually complete linkages between
 community facilities, government offices, recreational sites, schools, public housing, commercial establishments and other
transportation corridors.

Evans Street Park
3.0 acres
Evans Street Field.

Purdy Court
Park -
1.0 acre - Located off Colloredo Drive

Highway 82 Soccer Field

highway 82.

Harris Middle School Game & Practice Field
4.0 acres


Baseball, Soccer, Football and Softball Fields

Musgrave Park Softball Field
Sports Complex - 18.5 acres -
Located off  Lane Parkway


Softball Fields

Concession Stand