Fire Chief Matt Doak

IMG_8991If we haven’t met, let me tell you about myself.  I have four children, Slate, Olivia, Kayden and Jordan.  I’m both a veteran of this department and of the United States Marine Corps.  It is my great honor to lead the Fire Fighters of this great department into a new era of unparalleled service to our community.  I’m thoroughly vested in our community, both as a 28-year public servant and as a taxpayer.  My thoughts moving forward can best be summarized as stated in our new mission statement:

To be the example emulated by our peer

To exceed the expectations of our “employers” - the citizens - in fire protection, rescue, and emergency medical first response

To assist the public and other government agencies when needed

To constantly review and improve our services and operations

To give the highest priority to the safety of each other

To encourage the professional and personal growth of our members  to communicate openly and honestly with all

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