Commemorative Tree Planting Program

Tree Planting Program

You can purchase a tree to be planted in one of Shelbyville’s beautiful public parks in honor or memory of someone.

The benefits provided by trees are priceless and impact our lives daily.  Trees clean our air, absorbing harmful carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. They help to clean water for the millions of Americans who depend on a forest every time they turn on their faucets. Healthy forests sustain critical habitat needed for wildlife, and enhance our own outdoor pursuits.

This makes it important that we take care of our existing trees; it also gives us a mission of striving to plant new trees on a regular basis. Our plan calls for commemorative trees to be planted in areas reserved for tree plantings during the fall and winter months (the best time for planting).

Tree plantings offer families, friends, and business associates an opportunity to commemorate loved ones and fellow employees while enhancing the natural beauty of our City.

The Parks and Recreation Director or designee will assist you in selecting a site and type of tree best suited for the location. The tree selection list is available below, and is used to decide what types of trees are needed in each park.  A $250.00 donation is required to plant a commemorative tree. This amount includes the purchase of a tree with an approximate 2-inch thick trunk, a leaf on our donor’s plaque, and the tree’s future maintenance costs with replacement guaranteed for three years from the date of original planting.

Below is a list of the trees available for selection:

  • Red Maple
  • Sugar Maple (limited supplies)
  • Red Oak
  • White Oak
  • Poplar

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