Solid Waste

The Solid Waste Department collects residential and Small Business refuse on a scheduled basis. This service is performed for over 7,300 customers and over 200 Small Businesses on a weekly basis. The Solid Waste Department also provides two City wide clean up weeks during the year and brush collection on a monthly basis. Please review the calendar for specific dates. The Solid Waste Department also provides bulk item pick up for a fee of either $25 or $50 depending on the amount of items needing to be picked up. Contact the Public Works Department to schedule your bulk item pick up.

The City of Shelbyville has made a transition to fully automated garbage collection trucks. The new collection trucks are operated by one driver and the driver is instructed to always stay in the vehicle for the safety of the driver and all residents. We ask our residents to help by complying with any instructions provided to them by our Solid Waste Officer. Please see a photo of the new automated truck below.

We have Rules and Regulations for our residential service. All small business customers must abide by our Business policies. We have a limit of 2 96-gallon carts per residential location, and no more than 2 96 gallon carts for commercial businesses. Please see our Solid Waste Rules and Regulations below.

The residents are asked to keep their carts clean. We also provide for our new residents a one-time moving boxes pickup service. Upon request, if a new residence has broken down boxes, we will provide this service. That Pickup day may not be necessarily the same day as garbage pickup.

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