Residential Solid Waste Collection

Residential Solid Waste Collection Service
The City of Shelbyville provides 96-gallon trash carts to residential customers within the city limits for once-a-week collection. All carts must be placed at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on your scheduled collection day regardless of when your cart is "normally" collected. The City trash carts have a serial number and are assigned to the address of the resident. Do not remove the trash cart from the assigned address. Please note that the trash carts are city property. An additional trash cart can be purchased for a $100.00 fee by calling the Public Works office at (931)684-2644.

As soon as practical, after the trash cart has been emptied, it must be removed by the owner or occupant away from the curb until the next scheduled time for collection.

Extra household trash generated due to holidays must be placed in a garbage bag next to the cart. Trash placed in privately owned containers, cans or carts will not be collected. If the practice of leaving excess continues, the City at its discretion, may provide an additional trash cart at the expense of the occupants or the owner of the residence.

Trash Cart Policies
Policies must be followed, or cart will not be collected:

  1. Cart must be placed at the curb or the edge of your property by 6:00 a.m. on your regular collection day.
  2. All trash must be bagged. Loose trash causes littering. Any can with loose trash will not be collected.
  3. Cart must be five feet (5’) from any object (other carts, fences, mailboxes or vehicles) to give the collection equipment adequate room to grasp cart.
  4. Excess trash is not allowed. Your trash will not be collected if you have trash on top of your cart. After 3 warnings the city may deliver an additional cart at the expense of the occupants or the owner of residence.
  5. Lid must be completely closed. This prevents littering and keeps rain from entering cart.
  6. Lid opening must point away from the street to allow collection equipment to empty cart. If the cart is not facing the correct direction it may not be collected.
  7. Only usual bagged household waste is allowed in cart. If bulk items or yard waste is found in cart it will not be collected.
  8. If any hazardous materials such as shingles, gas tanks, bodily fluids, etc. are found in cart it will not be collected.
  9. Remove trash cart from the curb after it has been emptied.
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