Streets & Signs

Our street Department staff maintains over 130 miles of rights-of-way throughout the city limits.  This division is responsible for very visible programs such as pavement maintenance, guardrail installation and repair, sidewalk installation and repair, street cleaning, litter removal, mowing and trimming vegetation on public right of ways, and demolition of condemned properties.

Other services provided through this department are drainage issues, snow and ice removal, flooding situations, pothole patching, barricade placement to direct traffic in hazardous situations.  We also maintain any maintenance issues for all city department buildings, electrical and plumbing.

The Sign Department is responsible for all signs within the city limits.  This department is equipped with two men at all times.  We have the ability to make any sign within the city limits.  98% of all signs are made in house through this department.  This department is fully trained to do their job for the safety and well being of all motorists coming through the city limits of Shelbyville.  If you know of any sign that is down or gone, please feel free to call the Public Works office and the Sign Department will be glad to check on any and all calls.
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