Streets & Signs

The Streets Department is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 150 lane miles not including state routes maintained by TDOT. The staff performs a variety of demanding and diverse maintenance services involving pavement maintenance, snow and ice removal, street sweeping, litter control, and other functions. They also repair storm drains, which includes small to major maintenance projects, and clean City owned storm drainage channels, culverts, grates, and catch basins. 

Annual Street Repaving Program
A street repaving program is funded in the city's annual budget. Streets are selected for repaving by a priority basis as determined by surface conditions, traffic flow and safety.

Snow and Ice Removal
Snow removal from streets is determined by the severity of the snow or ice. The department has a priority of streets that will receive road salt in the event of a heavy snow or ice storm. These streets are arterial, or collector streets are critical for public safety.

Excavation of City Streets
It is unlawful for any person, contractor, firm, corporation or other to excavate or tunnel under any street, alley, public place, or city right-of-way without first obtaining a permit from the Public Works Department. An application for a permit must be accompanied by a cash deposit or certified cashier's check.

The minimum deposit is five hundred Fifty dollars ($550.00) which can be raised to an amount adequate to cover the cost of restoration if the applicant fails to make proper restoration.  In lieu of a deposit, the applicant may obtain a surety bond in such form and amount as the Public Works Director shall deem adequate to cover the costs to the municipality if the applicant fails to make proper restoration.

In addition to making a deposit or obtaining a bond, the applicant must file a certificate of insurance indicating the applicant is insured against claims for damages or personal injury and against claims for property damages that may arise from the performance of the work.

Drainage Ditch Culverts
The City of Shelbyville Public Works Department will assist property owners within City Limits with driveway culvert/tile replacement. The Public Works Department requires the property owners to purchase a culvert with a Maximum 30-foot width for residential properties, maximum 40-foot width for commercial properties, and maximum 45-foot width for industrial properties. The property owner is asked to purchase the culvert at their own expense, but the Public Works Department will install the culvert at no cost and provide one load of gravel. The location where the culvert will be placed must be marked and approved through the Public Works Department. All ditch culverts must be sized and approved by the Public Works Department before installing. If the new ditch culvert is purchased locally the Public Works Department can pick up the culvert for the property owner. The Public Works Department will not assist with culvert placement for any new constructions. If you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Office at (931)684-2644


What is a road Right-of-Way?

The road right-of-way is the "utility" portion of the public street and can be used by utility companies to put in their lines, etc., and this area is part of the public street. A rule of thumb is the right-of-way is 30 feet from the road center line. This dimension can vary depending on the specific road and is not meant to be an exact number.

Who is responsible for mowing and cleaning city right-of-way areas?
Property owners are responsible for mowing their own properties including ditches, detention ponds and easements.  Roadside mowing and trimming is done to remove any visual obstructions in the road right-of-way and to maintain a clear travel path free of branches, limbs, etc. During the summer months the Streets Division mows city-owned roadway ditches. This is done to control weeds, maintain a quality appearance, and reduce sight line obstructions at intersections.




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